From Surabaya to Bromo | Exploring the Majestic Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia

A Comprehensive Guide from Surabaya to Bromo

This comprehensive guide will take you from Surabaya to Bromo, one of the most popular and stunning tourist destinations in Indonesia. Bromo is one of the most popular and unique tourist destinations in Indonesia, famous for its stunning sunrise views and otherworldly landscapes.
Here’s a detailed guide on how to get from Surabaya to Bromo and what to do once you get there:

Getting from Surabaya to Bromo

The easiest and most popular way to get from Surabaya to Bromo is by hiring a private car or joining a tour. The journey takes approximately 3 to 4 hours, depending on traffic and weather conditions. Alternatively, you can take a public bus from Surabaya to Probolinggo, and then a minivan or private car to Cemoro Lawang, the nearest village to Bromo.

What to do in Bromo?

Bromo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, famous for its stunning sunrise views and otherworldly landscapes. Here are some of the best things to do in Bromo:

Watch the sunrise from Mount Penanjakan

The most popular activity in Bromo is watching the sunrise from the viewpoint on Mount Penanjakan. You can either hike up or take a 4WD jeep to the viewpoint, which offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and caldera.

Menanti Sunrise di Bromo
Waiting for sunrise in Bromo. As an alternative, two other locations are provided to enjoy the sunrise on Mount Bromo, namely Bukit Cinta and Bukit Kingkong. Arbasbarong, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit the Bromo Crater

After watching the sunrise, you can hike to the Bromo Crater, an active volcano that last erupted in 2019. The hike takes around 45 minutes and is relatively easy, but you can also take a horse or motorcycle ride to the crater.

Crater of Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia, 20220820 0541 9414
Crater of Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia. Jakub Hałun, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Explore the Sea of Sand

The area surrounding Bromo is known as the Sea of Sand, a vast expanse of sand that covers the caldera floor. You can explore the Sea of Sand on foot or by horseback, and there are several scenic spots, such as the Savanna and Whispering Sands.

Stair climbing to Bromo crater
Sea of sand and stairs climbing to Bromo crater, East Java, Indonesia: 250 steps to reach the top of Bromo crater. 22Kartika, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit the Madakaripura Waterfall

Located around an hour’s drive from Bromo, the Madakaripura Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in East Java. The waterfall is located in a deep canyon and is surrounded by lush greenery.

Waterfall Madakaripura B
Madakaripura Waterfall, around 1 hour drive from Bromo. ESCapade, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How to get to Bromo, by different transportations?

Here are the different transportation options to get to Bromo from Surabaya

Private car or tour

The most convenient and hassle-free option is to hire a private car or join a tour from Surabaya to Bromo. This is the most expensive option, but it also allows you to customize your itinerary and travel in comfort.

Public bus

You can take a public bus from Surabaya to Probolinggo, which takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on traffic. From Probolinggo, you can take a minivan or private car to Cemoro Lawang, the nearest village to Bromo.


There is no direct train from Surabaya to Bromo, but you can take a train from Surabaya to Probolinggo and then a minivan or private car to Cemoro Lawang.

In conclusion, Bromo is one of the most beautiful and unique destinations in Indonesia, with its stunning sunrise views and otherworldly landscapes. Whether you’re a nature lover or a photography enthusiast, Bromo is definitely worth a visit. With several transportation options and a range of activities to choose from, getting to Bromo from Surabaya is easy and convenient.

What’s good about Bromo and why do you need to visit them?

Bromo is one of the most popular and unique tourist destinations in Indonesia, famous for its stunning sunrise views and otherworldly landscapes. Here are some of the top reasons why you should visit Bromo:

  • Majestic sunrise views: Watching the sunrise from Mount Penanjakan is one of the most popular activities in Bromo, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and caldera.
  • Otherworldly landscapes: The area surrounding Bromo is known as the Sea of Sand, a vast expanse of sand that covers the caldera floor, giving the area an otherworldly and surreal feel.
  • Active volcano: The Bromo Crater is an active volcano that last erupted in 2019, and hiking to the crater offers a unique experience of getting up close to an active volcano.
  • Scenic spots: The area around Bromo has several scenic spots, such as the Savanna and Whispering Sands, offering stunning views of the mountains and caldera.
  • Rich culture and traditions: The Tenggerese people, who live around Bromo, have their own unique culture and traditions, adding a cultural element to your visit to Bromo.

Overall, Bromo is a must-visit destination in Indonesia, offering a unique combination of natural beauty, adventure, and culture.

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Travel Guide Surabaya | Top Attractions, Places to Visit, Things to Do, Where to Eat

Complete Travel Guide Surabaya

Surabaya is the second-largest city in Indonesia and the capital of East Java Province. It’s known as the “City of Heroes” for its role in the Indonesian struggle for independence. Surabaya has a rich history, vibrant culture, delicious food, and plenty of attractions to explore. In this travel guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Surabaya, including the best places to visit, things to do, and where to eat and stay. Here is our travel guide Surabaya.

The city has a rich cultural heritage, with a mix of Javanese, Chinese, and Arab influences. Visitors to Surabaya can explore several historical sites, including the Heroes Monument and Museum, the Surabaya Submarine Monument, and the House of Sampoerna Museum, which tells the story of Indonesia’s tobacco industry.

Surabaya is also known for its delicious cuisine, with a wide range of street food and local dishes to try. Some popular dishes include rawon (beef soup), soto ayam (chicken soup), and lontong balap (rice cake with bean sprouts and meatballs).

For shopping, Surabaya has several malls and markets, including the Tunjungan Plaza, the largest shopping mall in East Java. The city is also home to several parks and green spaces, including the Taman Bungkul and Taman Flora parks.

Overall, Surabaya is a vibrant and dynamic city that offers visitors a unique blend of culture, history, and modernity.

Montage of Surabaya
Heroic Monument Surabaya, Sura dan Baya statue, Suramadu Bridge, Plaza Tunjungan shopping mall, Heroic Monument Surabaya. Yogwi21, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Top Places to Visit:

Suramadu National Bridge – This 5.4-kilometer bridge connects Surabaya to the island of Madura and is the longest bridge in Indonesia.

House of Sampoerna – A museum and cigarette factory that showcases the history of Indonesia’s tobacco industry.

Tugu Pahlawan – A monument commemorating the heroes of Indonesia’s independence struggle.

Surabaya Zoo – The largest zoo in Southeast Asia with over 3,000 animals from 351 species.

Cheng Hoo Mosque – A mosque that combines Chinese and Islamic architecture, located in the area of Ampel.

Surabaya North Quay – A modern waterfront area with restaurants, cafes, and a promenade for leisurely walks.

Tunjungan Plaza – The largest shopping mall in Surabaya, with a wide range of local and international brands.

Surabaya Submarine Monument – A retired Russian submarine that has been turned into a museum.

Heroes Monument – A landmark monument in Surabaya dedicated to the heroes of the Indonesian Revolution.

Ciputra Waterpark – A fun water park with various slides, pools, and water attractions.

Surabaya Montage 2
Surabaya Central Park, Graha SA Surabaya, Sanggar Agung Temple, Suramadu bridge, Surabaya Carnival Park, Museum 10 November, Pura Jagatnatha Perak, UNESA Lake. File:Surabaya_Central_Park.jpg: Everyone Sinks StarcoFile:Graha SA Surabaya.jpg: Everyone Sinks StarcoFile:Sanggar Agung Temple.jpg: Argio TJFile:Suramadu 3.jpg: Valen ShascaryoFile:Surabaya Carnival Park.jpg: Ilham AgengFile:Museum 10 November.jpg: Everyone Sinks StarcoFile:Pura Jagatnatha Perak.jpg: Everyone Sinks StarcoFile:UNESA Lake.jpg: Everyone Sinks Starcoderivative work: Badpuccini, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Things to Do:

Explore the old city of Surabaya and its historic buildings, including the Grahadi Building, the Surabaya City Hall, and the Grand Mosque of Surabaya.

Visit the Museum Mpu Tantular, which showcases the history and culture of East Java Province, located in Buduran, Sidorajo, East Java, a province of Indonesia.

Enjoy a traditional Javanese dance performance at the Balai Pemuda Cultural Center.

Try local Surabaya cuisine, such as soto ayam, rawon, and lontong balap.

Take a sunset cruise on the Kalimas River and see the city from a different perspective.

Visit the Surabaya Night Market, where you can find a wide range of street food, clothes, and souvenirs.

Attend a traditional Javanese music performance at the Sanggar Agung Temple.

Take a day trip to the nearby Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, known for its stunning volcanic landscapes.

Join a cooking class and learn how to make traditional Javanese dishes.

Attend a traditional Indonesian wedding ceremony at the Gereja Katedral Surabaya.

Where to Eat:

Depot Gang Lombok – A popular restaurant that serves authentic Surabaya dishes, such as rawon and soto ayam.

Warung Leko – A restaurant that specializes in traditional East Javanese dishes, such as nasi tumpang and lontong sayur.

Bebek Sinjay – A restaurant that serves crispy duck with traditional spices.

Depot Bu Rudy – A restaurant that serves a variety of Javanese dishes, including the famous lontong balap.

Sate Klopo Ondomohen – A restaurant that serves grilled meat skewers with coconut flavor.

Bubur Ayam Barokah – A restaurant that specializes in chicken porridge and other Indonesian breakfast dishes.

Depot Tiga Putra – A restaurant that serves traditional East Javanese dishes, including soto and rawon.

Taman suroboyo
Taman suroboyo. Fighting shark and crocodile, the emblem of Surabaya since colonial times, derived from local folk etymology. Government of Surabaya, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Information to help you plan your trip to Surabaya

If you’re planning to visit Surabaya, here’s some information to help you plan your trip:

Best Time to Visit

Surabaya has a tropical climate with high humidity and rainfall throughout the year. The best time to visit is during the dry season, which runs from May to September. During this time, you can enjoy sunny weather and lower humidity levels.


Surabaya has a well-developed transportation system that includes taxis, public buses, and ride-sharing services. The city also has a network of train stations that connect it to other parts of Java Island. The Juanda International Airport is the main gateway to Surabaya and serves both domestic and international flights.


Surabaya has a wide range of accommodation options, including luxury hotels, budget hotels, and guesthouses. Some popular hotels in Surabaya include Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers, Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya, and JW Marriott Hotel Surabaya.


Like any other city, Surabaya has its share of safety concerns. It’s important to take precautions and stay aware of your surroundings, especially when traveling alone or at night. Avoid walking alone in isolated areas, and keep your valuables safe.

Culture and Etiquette

Surabaya has a rich cultural heritage, and visitors are expected to respect local customs and etiquette. Dress modestly when visiting religious sites, and remove your shoes before entering a mosque or temple. It’s also important to show respect to elders and authority figures.

Overall, Surabaya is a vibrant and exciting city with a rich cultural heritage and plenty to see and do. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or food, Surabaya has something for everyone.

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Surabaya airport

Juanda International Airport (SUB) is the main airport serving Surabaya and the surrounding region. It’s located about 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) from the city center and is one of the busiest airports in Indonesia.

Transportation to and from the airport is convenient, with several options available:
  • Taxi – Taxis are readily available at the airport and can take you to your destination in Surabaya. The journey takes around 30-45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. Make sure to use the official taxi stand to avoid scams.
  • Bus – DAMRI buses operate between the airport and several locations in Surabaya, including Bungurasih Bus Terminal, Purabaya Bus Terminal, and Tunjungan Plaza. The bus service is frequent and affordable, making it a good option for budget travelers.
  • Train – The airport is connected to the Surabaya-Sidoarjo commuter train line, which provides easy access to several stations in Surabaya. The train runs every 30 minutes and is a good option for those traveling light.
  • Car rental – Several car rental companies have desks at the airport, making it easy to rent a car and explore Surabaya on your own.

Juanda International Airport has a modern and well-equipped terminal, with several restaurants, shops, and other amenities. There are also several lounges available for travelers with access to priority services.

Photo credit: ignartonosbg via Pixabay

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From Surabaya to Bali | Complete Guide to Visit Bali

From Surabaya to Bali

In the heart of the Indian Ocean, the island of Bali attracts travelers from all over the world every year. They go there to contemplate its incredible beauty, its heavenly scenery, its natural gems… Some also go there to rest in a pleasant and exotic setting. To take advantage of the riches of this dream destination and have a good holiday, discover our best tips for going to Bali. The fastest way from Bali to Surabaya takes 1 hour by plane. Or you can drive from Surabaya to Bali and it takes 10 hours, including the ferry crossing.

Flight from Surabaya to Bali

It takes hour by plane from Surabaya (SUB)to Bali airport (DPS) and this is the fastest way.

Example flights from Bali to Raja Ampat:
  • Bali (DPS) >Jakarta (JKT) > Sorong (SOQ), then by ferry
  • Bali (DPS) > Makassar (UPG) > Sorong (SOQ), then by ferry
Airlines from Surabaya to Bali

From Surabaya to Bali by car

It takes 10 hours drive from Surabaya to Bali, including the ferry crossing.

Why go from Surabaya to Bali?

The timeless beauty of Bali.
You will often find yourself speechless, admiring the landscapes and immersing yourself in the daily flow of a varied and caring population. The days will seem colorful and fast-paced, among festivals, rituals, markets and attractions to admire. Imagine there are at least 20,000 temples. And then you can also relax in crystal clear waters or do sports and exercise with a board or with flippers and a snorkel. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary vacation.

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From Surabaya to Yogyakarta | Complete Guide to Visit Central Java

When to go to Bali?

If we stick to the weather conditions, the best time of the year to go on vacation in Bali is between May and October, during the dry season. Indeed, the months are the driest and sunniest on the island. This period corresponds to the best season, the most coveted by visitors to the island.

In Bali the average annual temperature is 26°. The tropical climate (hot and humid) of the island offers two main seasons: a dry season and a rainy season between January and April. This time of the year is not the best time to travel to Bali, however if you go there, you meet fewer tourists since it is the low season.

Outside the wet seasons, throughout the year heavy showers can appear at any time and soak you from head to toe. To avoid this, regardless of the period you choose, remember to bring rain gear and make the most of the sunny moments.

If you still don’t know when to choose to go to Bali? You can use a trip planner to help you choose the best months to visit the island.

What to see in Bali? what to do and places not to miss

Enjoy the sunset in Seminyak beach

If there’s one thing I love doing in Bali, it’s watching the sun go down. There are several nice and fairly quiet places, but I wanted to highlight the sunset in Seminyak. It is of course quite a touristic place, but for me the spectacle of the sunset is just incredible in this place.

The sky is on fire and the colors are quite unrealistic!There are several bars where you can have a drink while waiting for the sun to go down, but you can also walk a bit to be quieter (without the tourist crowds). You’ll have to check out Seminyak’s iconic bar, La Plancha, a bar with beanbags on the beach and colorful umbrellas to enjoy the view at the end of the day. It’s a must in the area.

In the evening, the party continues on Seminyak with many bars and parties on the beach. If you like to party, this is the perfect place to end your day.

Ubud, the cultural and spiritual center of Bali

Ubud is a city located towards the center of Bali where about 35,000 people live. It is considered to be the cultural and spiritual center of the island. Here is an incredible excursion to do with a guide to the waterfalls, the rice fields and the monkey forest, which I recommend!

As you walk around Ubud, you will appreciate the many handicrafts and you may have the chance to experience ceremonies with traditional dances.

Located on high plateaus, Ubud has a very rich surrounding nature. You can easily escape to the tropical forest, discover the famous rice fields on the plateau or the beautiful Ayung River!

Many majestic temples stand in the surrounding area and you can’t wait to discover them on foot or by bike.

Visiting Ubud in Bali is the feeling of being in osmosis with Balinese nature, culture and traditions. An authentic Bali tour for sure!

Here are some places to discover near Ubud:

The Monkey Forest of Ubud, another must-see in Bali
The Ubud Art market
Ubud Palace
Monkey Forest Road

Gua Gajah (Elephant Cave)

Welcome to one of the emblems of Bali and Indonesia, the temple of Goa Gadja, also known as the Cave of the Elephants, located in an archaeological park, about 2 kilometers from the city of Ubud. It was not until 1923 that Dutch archaeologists discovered this treasure. This mysterious and fascinating cave, which is surrounded by several Hindu temples, is dated to around 1100.

The entrance is represented by a demonic mouth, which represents the Hindu god Bhoma: a way of symbolizing the passage into an underworld. In a niche, on the left side is represented Ganesh, the Hindu deity in the shape of an elephant. Inside the park, you will find women working rice dough and turning it into decorations. Others will weave green palm trees into baskets to offer to the gods.

Tirta Gangga (Water Palace)

Terraced hills for rice cultivation, nature, colors mixed with people’s smiles, flower baskets and gifts. Add a palace that looks like something out of a movie called the “Water Palace” and you’ll understand the wonder of this area. Imagine a majestic building (Tirta Gangga, which means the water of the Ganges), built in 1948, which has in front of it several swimming pools, which one can cross by borrowing floating platforms. A maze of fountains and water, surrounded by gardens and statues. In the palace area, you can also treat yourself to a meal with typical specialties, admiring the setting of the Gunung Agung volcano.

Uluwatu Temple

Another temple that will leave you speechless and absolutely not to be missed is Uluwatu, and you will find it perched on a sheer cliff some 75 meters above the Java Sea at the southern end of the Island of the Gods. A building surrounded by an unparalleled natural landscape. According to legend, the rocks are part of the boat of the sea goddess, which was said to have been petrified.

The temple has a very special story that it was built to protect the island from evil spirits, but that’s not all. Tradition has it that it hosted the religious Dhang Hyang Dwijendra, who spent the last days of his life there. The best time to visit Uluwatu is at sunset, enjoying the lights and atmosphere that will give you a magical evening of contemplation).

Pura Luhur Uluwatu 1998 02
Sunset at Uluwatu Temple (Pura Luhur), Bali, Indonesia. LBM1948CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Who said a simple fishing village couldn’t be a surprise? Amed is located on the northeast coast of the island. Relax, enjoy the sea and the fresh fish, perhaps grilled on the beach. Take a sea excursion on typical boats or go snorkeling or scuba diving. There are several suitable spots in the village, including Lipah Beach and Jemeluk Bay. Here, in addition to the colorful and curious marine life, which could include stars and seahorses or the rare octopus Mimi, you will also find yourself in front of a submerged marine temple.

The absolute protagonist of the region is the Gunung Agung volcano, which is jokingly called “the navel of the world”. Along its slopes, you can admire a tropical forest, but also the characteristic rice terraces. Not to mention that the area offers one of the most beautiful views, especially at sunset.

Watch dolphins at Lovina Beach (North Bali)

If you want to see dolphins in Bali, there is one place they particularly like to go, it’s Lovina Beach!
Of course there are tourists (don’t expect to be alone), but the experience remains magical.

In the early morning, we pick you up at the hotel and head to Lovina Beach aboard a small boat. The dolphins are there quite early and take the opportunity to do a little sport and jump out of the water. It’s really a crazy experience, because it’s the place in the world where I saw the most dolphins at once. They are generally very numerous to come to this beach to play and hunt/eat. If you love dolphins, this is a must-do activity on your trip to Bali.

Nusa Lembongan

This very small island is very popular with holidaymakers for its white sand beaches, its seabed filled with corals and manta rays, its surf spots, its mangroves, and its breathtaking view of Mount Agung. In other words, it’s a real little paradise.

Nusa Penida

If you are looking to dive in Bali, there really is an excursion that I recommend 200%! This is a dive with manta rays in Nusa Penida. With a mask, a snorkel and flippers, the guide takes you to meet the manta rays around Nusa Penida. You won’t be able to get there on your own.

Kelingking Beach (2022)
Kelingking beach, Nusa Penida, Bali. LukeTritonCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What to do in Bali?

In Bali (especially during the dry season) a whole range of excursions and activities are available to tourists!

Things to do in Bali


The island, renowned for its waves, offers many surf spots. Among the best known are Utuwatu, Dreamland, Kuta and Padang Padang. The waves are there and welcome beginners and experienced surfers from all over the world all year round.

Scuba diving and snorkeling

Bali is located in the heart of one of the richest marine biodiversity on the planet, which opens the way to nautical activities. Indeed, the Indonesian archipelago on which the island is located is a real treasure for lovers of diving and snorkeling. The marine fauna and the seabed of the island offer visitors colorful shows animated by many species of coral and a multitude of marine animals: turtles, seahorses, manta rays or even sharks. Snorkeling in Bali

Several resorts in Bali offer this type of activity. It is particularly on the side of Amed, in the east of the island, that the most popular diving spots are located. These different sites give the possibility, depending on the level of each, to admire in depth or on the surface what is happening in Balinese waters.

Relaxing at the beach

There are many beautiful beaches in Bali, here are our favorite beaches:

Padang padang beach

Padang Padang is a popular beach for surfers and water sports enthusiasts. Located on the Bukit Peninsula, the golden sandbars are surrounded by lush vegetation and crystal clear waters. To access Padang Padang beach, you will pass by a beautiful temple!

Keramas beach

Keramas beach is one of the most beautiful places in Bali and it owes its beauty to its black sand and the city of Denpasar. This place is also the perfect spot for a surf session, the winds are strong enough to create beautiful waves!

Jimbaran Beach

Perfect for tasting local specialties and admiring the fishing village, Jimbaran beach offers a tranquil setting to relax in peace. Once the sun has set, you can enjoy the local music as the village comes alive! So stay until dark.

Seminyak Beach

This beach is quite popular with tourists but it remains one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, without a doubt! Seminyak beach has the necessary equipment to welcome tourists: deckchairs, parasols… But also restaurants and hotels, the place is perfect for strolling, but if you like tranquility, prefer more peaceful areas! If you like nightlife, Seminyak is the best for you.

Dreamland beach

This beach lives up to its name, Dreamland! Indeed, the setting offered by this place is worthy of a dream and a paradise postcard. Discovered by surfers, Dreamland beach offers a vast expanse of sand surrounded by magnificent and immense cliffs…

Bingin Beach

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, Bingin retains its wild and natural atmosphere, both underwater and outside! With an exceptional coral reef, Bingin Beach is perfect for scuba diving. On the other hand, no luxury, everything is authentic!

Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu beach maintains a setting close to mysticism, and this feeling is not insignificant since the Uluwatu Temple is nearby! This beach offers a small piece of sand surrounded by huge cliffs, some lovers sometimes get married there! Another beautiful place to discover!

Green Bowl Beach

Located in the south of Bali, the beach of Green Bowl really lives up to its name since its waters are almost emerald green, with a huge area of greenery. It’s the kind of beach you can’t forget, especially because of its cave inhabited by bats…

Canggu Beach

Good news, Canggu beach is not very popular with tourists, which gives it a very authentic character in Bali. Canggu Beach is special because it offers us several colors and textures of sand. But what I love is the tranquility and peace of the place!

Nusa Dua Beach

Let’s go back to the Bukit peninsula, but to the East! Nusa Dua beach is one of the most beautiful, with calm and gentle waves. Moreover, it is the perfect place to welcome couples and families wishing to stay in one of the luxury resorts. You guessed it, Nusa Dua beach is quite busy with tourists, but it deserves to be seen at least once.

Sanur Beach

The Sanur area is Bali’s oldest resort, with a batch of several beaches with various and varied names. Nevertheless, I recommend Mertasari beach, the ideal place for people who are passionate about surfing and water activities. If you have the opportunity, go to the island of Nusa Penida just in front of the beach, a real treat!

Serangan beach

There is nothing heavenly about Serangan Beach, but it is perfect for hikers and people who like to walk. Personally, I think it deserves to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, with a very natural, wild and completely authentic setting.

Amed beach

If you like fishing villages and fresh fish, Amed Beach is home to many small villages along its length. When you arrive at the edge of Amed beach, it may seem narrow, but not before discovering a huge bay with crystal clear waters… Visit without hesitation!

Lovina beach

Lovina beach is more for swimming and not for water activities. The waters are very gentle with few waves, a perfect place for a family day out. To better appreciate this magnificent Bali beach, book an excursion or a diving session, it’s a must.

Balangan Beach

Notice to all surfing enthusiasts, Balangan beach is a very popular stronghold. Indeed, this beach attracts all the professionals in the world because the waves are considered perfect. Despite the many restaurants and high stilts, Balangan beach remains very wild and natural!

Nyang Nyang Beach

To access one of the few virgin beaches in Bali, you have to earn it. Nyang Nyang Beach requires 20 minutes of walking and effort to enjoy. But once there, you can only enjoy the view, the vast expanse of white sand, the turquoise waters, as well as all the lush and surrounding nature. It is the perfect place to escape the tourists and the bustle.

Gunung Payung Beach

Gunung Payung is a deserted beach located near Kuta. For lovers of tranquility and calm, you will feel in perfect harmony with nature. The beach is surrounded by beautiful rocky cliffs, vegetation and crystal clear blue water! I can honestly tell you that Gunung Payung beach is a private area and little known to mass tourism, so go for it!

Kelingking Beach

Mentioned earlier in this guide, Kelingking beach belongs to the island of Nusa Penida, a place exclusively dedicated to nature lovers. In addition to being one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali, Kelingking offers a picturesque setting mixed between white sand and cliffs. In addition, wildlife is very present around the beach, perfect for crossing paths with new species…

Atuh beach

Still on the island of Nusa Penida, Atuh beach is located at the very west of the region. If you want to reach this beach, you will go through a path or stairs. Clearly, Atuh beach is one of the most beautiful in Bali, with multi-hued water, warm sun, white sand and of course, absolute tranquility and peace.

Soka Beach

Volcanic beaches have an undeniable charm! This is certainly why Soka Beach is one of the most beautiful in Bali. Soka is a still very preserved place where calm and tranquility reign. Moreover, the beach is more and more popular, but this does not influence its peaceful and authentic character. To get there, take the road from Gilimanuk located in the northwest of Denpasar.

Kuta Beach

Kuta is a lively beach all day long! Between surfers, families, tourists and schools, do not expect to enjoy the tranquility of the place. Moreover, the afternoons are always punctuated by music and entertainment. Once night falls, the nightlife takes its place: restaurants, bars, discotheques… A perfect place for holidays with friends!

Legian Beach

Like Kuta Beach, Legian Beach is one of the most popular places for young people and partygoers. The setting is the same: nightclub, bars, restaurants, as well as a beach with incredible scenery that you should admire at sunset. Even if tranquility does not exist in Legian, it is still one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali.

Pandawa Beach

Before the 2000s, Pandawa Beach was secret, but that was before. Now, many tourists want to put their towels on the white sand. Nevertheless, I must admit that the decor is perfect, with huge cliffs, crystal clear water, not to mention the small paths rooted in the wild nature…


Bali lends itself to the game of hiking in the middle of nature.
The island offers many and always magnificent hiking trails. Among the best known, the ascent of the Batur volcano, that of Mount Agung or the walks in the rice fields of Sidemen. There is enough to want to get lost in these breathtaking natural settings.

Hike Mount Batur or Mount Agung

These are the 2 highest volcanoes on the island accessible from Ubud. It is therefore impossible to leave the island without having climbed one of these peaks. Mount Agun is 3031 meters high while Mount Batur is only 1717 meters high.

How to get to Mount Batur or Mount Agung?

Before leaving, you should know that these two summits are not accessible if you are alone. It is therefore useless to go there by taxi by yourself because you will surely have to turn around.

But you can book online a trek to Mount Batur and see the sunrise with local agents or by yourself.

The simplest and most effective solution is therefore to book your trip in any tourist agency in Ubud (you will see plenty of them along the roads). For the modest sum of 250,000 Rupees (about 20 euros) you will have the bus which will pick you up directly at your hotel and bring you back there.

Enjoy a beautiful walk with a fabulous sunrise (around 7am) at the key (remember to take a bottle of water anyway…).

Things to know before visiting Bali

Where to go? What are the essentials? What do we eat in Bali? What are the uses and customs of the inhabitants of the island? Before you leave for Bali, several questions come to mind, and this is normal. The days on the island are not like those spent in France. In order not to be completely out of step with the Balinese way of life, we advise you to take stock of the local culture, traditions, history, religions practiced there, etc.

Noodles, rice, vegetables… Balinese food has characteristics common to those of the Asian world. It is made up of holy dishes that are heavily vegetarian. Indeed, it is important to know that in Bali the local population is mainly of Hindu and Buddhist faith, so most of the inhabitants do not eat meat. You can still find meat in tourist places and in the typical local dish, nasi-goreng, which contains eggs and chicken. Near the coasts the chances of eating grilled fish multiply. So if you like fish, you are in for a treat!

As far as communication with the local population is concerned, don’t panic! Although the main language spoken is Bahasa Indonesia, the Balinese often speak English. If you have a good command of this language, you will therefore have no trouble making yourself understood.

Know that in Bali you will easily feel like a millionaire: indeed 1€ is equivalent to about 16,000 Indonesian Rupiahs. The cost of living being lower than in Western countries, you benefit from a higher purchasing power.

Sources: VillaCarissa, CleverlySmart, PinterPandai

Photo credit (main picture): febriamar via Pixabay

Have you booked your apartment in Surabaya center?

Trillium Residence is located in the city center of Surabaya. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, bed linen, towels, a flat-screen TV, a fully equipped kitchen, and a balcony with city views.


From Surabaya to Yogyakarta | Complete Guide to Visit Central Java

From Surabaya to Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta (or Jogja) is a must visit destination for travelers to Java Island. Renowned for being the cultural center of Java, this student city attracts many artists and intellectuals from all the provinces of the Indonesian archipelago. Direct flight from Surabaya to Yogyakarta takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. Or you can drive from Surabaya to Yogyakarta takes 5 hours.
The city is increasingly developing its tourist side, Java being the second most visited island in Indonesia after Bali!
Jogja is also the tourist, artisanal and artistic capital of the island. The most important tourist attractions around the city are the beautiful temples of Prambanan and Borobudur.

3 Ways to get from Surabaya to Yogyakarta


Flying is by far the fastest and easiest way to reach this city from Surabaya to Yogyakarta. The flight takes 1 hour 10 minutes.

What airline companies run direct flight services from Bali and Yogyakarta?

If you feel like an adventure and have time for it, you can also take a train and ferry trip from Surabaya to Yogyakarta. The trip takes 4 hours 50 minutes.

Car or Bus

It’s also possible to take the bus from Surabaya to Yogyakarta, it takes 5 hours. Long-distance buses can be very tiring and are not the safest way to travel, especially at night.

What to do in Yogyakarta? Ideas for visits and good addresses

1. Visit the Kraton, the sultan’s palace

The spiritual and royal center of Yogyakarta, the Kraton is the sultan’s palace, where the royal family resided for centuries. It is rather large, it takes a good hour to go around. It is like a mini-city, there are courtyards with elegant pavilions. I advise you to take a guide who can explain the interior of the Kraton and contextualize the history of the sultanate because a visit alone is not really of interest except to admire the architecture. You can also see dance, music and puppet shows there, there are several throughout the day.

Yogyakarta Indonesia Kraton-the-Sultans-Palace-02
Kraton the Sultan’s (king’s) palace. Photo by CEphoto, Uwe AranasCC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Address: Jalan Rotowijayan Blok No. 1, Panembahan, Kraton, Kota Yogyakarta
Opening hours: every day from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Admission: 20,000 IDR/person (+1,000 IDR for the right to take photos)

2. Visit Borobudur Temple

Located 40km from the city center, the Borobudur temple is a must visit place for tourists who come to visit Java. The largest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur is also the most visited tourist site in Indonesia. If you want to admire the sunrise at the top of the temple, you will have to put your hands in your pocket, but it is worth it because the view from the top is incredible, and there will be fewer tourists than during the day.

Borobudur Northwest View
Borobudur temple, Jogja. Gunawan KartapranataCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Manohara hotel (2-star hotel) located inside the park is the only one that offers a special “sunrise tour” ticket to watch the sunrise. For the simple visit of the temple at conventional times, you can benefit from a student rate if you have your student card (to have in hand, or photocopied), i.e. 50% reduction.

Short history:

The main stupa enthroned at Borobudur Temple in Central Java, Indonesia. The world’s largest Buddhist monument was built in the 8th century by the Syailendra dynasty. The upper terrace is round in shape with a row of bell-shaped stupas containing a Buddha figure which symbolizes Arupadhatu, the realm of the formless. The main stupa itself is empty, symbolizing complete perfection of enlightenment.

Stupa Borobudur
Borobudur Temple in Jogja – Central Java, Indonesia. GunkartaCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Address: Jl. Badrawati, Kw. Candi Borobudur, Borobudur, Magelang, Jawa Tengah
Hours: daily from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., but possible to buy a more expensive ticket to see the sunrise at 5 a.m.
Admission: 325,000 IDR/person (450,000 IDR for the sunrise tour via the Manohara hotel) and 162,500 IDR for students with their student card

3. Visit the Taman Sari Water Castle and its underground mosque

Located south-west of Kraton, the Taman Sari – literally the “garden of perfumes” – is a palace on the water which once served as a place of relaxation and meditation built at the request of the sultan in the 18th century. At the time, this large royal park housed luxurious pools, water games, pavilions and several small lakes as well as rooms to accommodate the sultan’s wives. Today only the baths and bedrooms have been preserved, but the architecture of the castle is no less impressive. There are also many underground tunnels and an underground mosque. The place is a real labyrinth when you do not know the places. I advise you to take a guide who can explain the places to you and immerse you in the history of this magnificent aquatic palace.

Taman Sari Water Castle, Yogyakarta
Taman Sari Water Castle, Yogyakarta. DudvaCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Address: Wisata Taman Sari, Taman, Patehan, Kraton, Kota Yogyakarta
Hours: daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Admission: IDR 15,000/person

4. Stroll through the Prawirotaman district and admire the street-art

The Prawirotaman district is one of the most frequented districts in Yogyakarta by tourists. Indeed, this district brings together all the hotels, restaurants, bars and travel agencies of the city. It is particularly in this district that we recognize that Yogyakarta is a city populated by artists, because the walls of this district have been magnificently decorated by young local artists, lovers of street-art!

5. Visit a batik workshop

Batik is a fabric dyeing technique widely used in Indonesia. This traditional technique comes from Yogyakarta and was exported throughout the Indonesian archipelago, then to Africa. In Yogyakarta, you can therefore visit one of the many batik workshops, meet local artists and admire them handling the technique meticulously, or even try it yourself.

6. Climb the Merapi Volcano

Culminating at a height of 2934 meters, the Merapi volcano dominates the city of Yogyakarta. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia, its last eruption dates from May 2018. Before climbing the volcano, check with the agency organizing your trek to find out about the activity of the volcano and to know if the roads are in good condition.

Inside an active volcano - Merapi (7756647556)
Inside an active volcano – Merapi volcanoe. Jimmy McIntyre – Editor HDR One MagazineCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can also do the Merapi Lava Tour: for 2 hours, you can rent a jeep with driver for 350,000 rupees and visit the Merapi volcano and its surroundings. The jeep can carry 3 to 5 people, and the tour includes a visit to Museum Sisa Hartaku, a small museum showing the damage caused by previous eruptions of the Merapi volcano: old motorcycles, clothes, objects and furniture that have more or less resisted the eruption…

Merapi Volcano during sunrise 2019
Merapi Volcano during sunrise. Desember01CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

To be able to admire the sunrise, you have to get up and leave very early from Yogyakarta. Count about 1h30 for the car trip to the bottom of the volcano, and about 4h for the hike. Once at the top, the sunrise offers a magnificent and unforgettable spectacle. After so much effort for the ascent, the reward is all the more beautiful!

To book, you can go directly through a local agency on site at the entrance to Mount Merapi.

7. Visit the Affandi Museum

Afandi is one of the most famous artists in Indonesia. Located by a river, the museum was once its own home. He himself designed and drew the plans for his house as well as the showrooms for his works of art. All his paintings were painted by hand or directly with his paint tubes. Inspired and influenced by great European artists like Van Gogh, his works are no less original and impressionist in style. This museum is undoubtedly one of the most interesting to visit in Yogyakarta. Not to be missed for art lovers or budding painters!

Address: Jl. Laksda Adisucipto No.167, Papringan, Caturtunggal, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
Hours: daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Admission: IDR 50,000/person

8. Watch the sunset at Prambanan Temple

Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Prambanan Temple is a set of 240 temples that were built in the 9th century. This site includes 4 main temples and several small ruined temples. It is a large site that requires at least 2 good hours of visit if you are on foot (you can also visit the site by bike).

Candi Prambanan sebagai Peninggalan Agama Hindu
Candi Prambanan. RidwanpurwantobatamCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can spend hours admiring the carved bas-reliefs that tell of the lives of Hindu gods. The temple is all the more magnificent to visit at sunset and at the end of the day there are fewer people. As for the Borobudur temple, don’t forget your student card to benefit from a 50% discount!

Prambanan Complex 1
Prambanan Temple Yogyakarta. Gunawan KartapranataCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Address: Kranggan, Bokoharjo, Prambanan, Sleman Regency
Hours: daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Admission: 325,0000 IDR/person (162,500 IDR if you have your student card)

9. Eat a gudeg: the culinary specialty of Yogyakarta

Gudeg is one of the culinary specialties of Yogyakarta. This dish is made from young jackfruit boiled in traditional herbs and coconut milk, and served with rice, egg and chicken. It is the flagship dish of the region, so you can easily find it in small shops or stands in the street.

Gudeg Jogja
Gudeg Jogja. Eny SantiatiCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Otherwise, we can recommend this address, it is a small restaurant with a terrace serving a very good gudeg at an affordable price. Many locals go there and some tourists:

Gudeg Sagan

Address: Jl. Prof Dr. Herman Yohanes No. 53, Caturtunggal, Depok, Samirono, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55223
Hours: daily from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.

10. Walk down Malioboro Street and City Centre

Malioboro Street will immerse you directly in local life. It is an essential walk to do if you come to Yogyakarta: many shops, small restaurants and food stalls, shops and local market… Ideally to be done in the evening to enjoy the local atmosphere, see people chatting on the benches , enjoy small street concerts. Agoraphobes refrain because it is a really crowded and very lively avenue.

Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta
Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta. Gunawan KartapranataCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fort Vredeburg Museum

The museum is very strategically located from the city center and has a fairly high value. Maybe for some people who hear the word “museum” or “fort” will think that it is very old-fashioned and boring. However, the Fort Vredeburg Museum is different.

Fort Vredeburg, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Museum Benteng Vredeburg. PrasCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons



The place is quite spacious and there are many spots to take pictures. In a number of buildings within the fort there are dioramas (miniature three-dimensional objects / theater decorations) about Indonesian history. The Vredeburg Fort Museum is one of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that must be visited.

Sources: PinterPandai, Villa Carissa Seminyak, Red Fedora DiaryThe Travel Author

Photo credit (main picture): Gunawan Kartapranata (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons

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Access and Contact

Access and Contact to Cozy and Bright Trillium Apartment in Surabaya Center

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Our address

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Access to Trillium Apartment Surabaya


Surabaya International Airport (SUB): approximately 27 km (16.7 miles) from the airport to our villa. It will take around 45 mn (depending on traffic). Public taxi airport fee: around IDR 150,000 – 200,000 (depending on the car type that you choose). Taxi booths are abundant at the arrival terminals.


Tanjung Perak travel distance: approximately 10 km (6.2 miles). It’ll take around 25 mn (depending on traffic). Public taxi fee: around IDR 100,000 Taxis are abundant at the entrance to the port—be sure to use a licensed BLUEBIRD taxi and preferably metered taxi to avoid having to negotiate for a reasonable fare or “Go Car” (like Uber) or Grab app.

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Enjoy a hassle-free arrival in Surabaya with this private Surabaya Airport PickUp transfer service. Meet your driver at Surabaya International Airport and relax on the journey to our Cozy and Bright Trillium Condominium. Private door-to-door transfer between SUB Airport and our centrally located accommodation in Surabaya. Enjoy a smooth, friendly and hassle-free transfer service Comfortable seats with room for legs and luggage, and air conditioning. Welcome service by a professional driver.

Book and pay online with Traveloka (local website) for your airport transfer, Bali airport pickup

By the way… You may want to check this local website for your airport transfer and they may have promotions / good rates and you can pay online securely. (from your laptop)

Or (from your mobile)

Bali Airport Pickup Traveloka online
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Other transports that you can book online by yourself

Photo credit: Nel_Botha-NZ via Pixabay

Ready to book your apartment in Surabaya center?

Trillium Residence is located in the city center of Surabaya. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, bed linen, towels, a flat-screen TV, a fully equipped kitchen, and a balcony with city views.

Apartment in Surabaya City Center – Cozy and Bright Trillium Condominium 2BR

Apartment in Surabaya City Center – Cozy and Bright Trillium Condominium 2BR

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The Trillium Condominium allows you to go easily to many corporates, government, financial & commercials (Central Business District), key cultural attractions, museum and historical places.

The Trillium luxury condos should is located in an ideal place with proximity to social amenities, shopping facilities, etc. as well as adequate transportation.

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Read also: Visiting Surabaya | What to do in Surabaya

Facilities of Cozy and Bright – Trillium Downtown Surabaya

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Outdoor & View
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Reception services
  • 24-hour front desk
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Safety & security
  • Fire extinguishers
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  • Smoke alarms
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  • 24-hour security
Languages spoken
  • English
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Ready to book your apartment in Surabaya center?

Trillium Residence is located in the city center of Surabaya. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, bed linen, towels, a flat-screen TV, a fully equipped kitchen, and a balcony with city views.

From Surabaya to Yogyakarta | Complete Guide to Visit this City and Surroundings

From Surabaya to Yogyakarta

Driving from Surabaya to Yogyakarta takes 4 hours 52 minutes. Flying from Surabaya to Yogyakarta takes 1 hour and 10 minutes and this is the fastest way to reach Yogyakarta.

What to do in Yogyakarta? Ideas for visits and good addresses

The city of Yogyakarta is located south of the special territory of the same name, in the center of the island of Java in Indonesia.

Beringharjo Market

Beringharjo market is a huge covered market in Yogyakarta where you can find everything: a huge choice of batik (printed clothes and fabrics), spices, fruits and vegetables, wicker baskets, trinkets…It’s open in the morning only (from 8 a.m.), and you meet many locals who come to shop there (from the purchase of peppers to the wedding dress). The atmosphere is really nice, we walk with pleasure in the aisles. No attempt to sell us anything but just smiles. We even got a little lesson on the different spices at a stand!


Pasar Bringharjo
The Beringharjo market is located in the Malioboro area, Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. PL09Puryono, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sultan’s Palace (Kraton)

The sultan still resides in Yogyakarta. He is the governor of Central Java and has a large palace in the city center, which is open for visits every morning. The Sultan’s Palace is a beautiful place, but don’t expect anything lavish, the whole thing remains rather simple. Inside, objects and photos on display, generally without much explanation. It’s worth going there but we don’t come out impressed either.

Every day a different show is held at the Sultan’s Palace depending on the day of the week. We were there on a Saturday, the day of the wayang kulit, the puppets, which are an integral part of the traditional culture. A bit boring when you don’t understand Indonesian but the backstage area, with the orchestra dressed in traditional attire, is worth seeing.

The Sultan’s Palace and the surrounding streets form an entire district called Kraton. Far from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city of Yogya, the streets of Kraton are very quiet and green. There are merchants and craftsmen there, it’s pleasant.


Yogyakarta Indonesia Kraton-the-Sultans-Palace-02
Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Donopratono gate and the 2 Dwarapala guardian statue at the Kraton of Yogyakarta (Palace of the Sultan). Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons

Taman Sari (Water Castle)

Formerly, the Water castle of Yogyakarta was the place where the Sultan and his Court came to bathe. The place could be superb but lacks maintenance. There was almost no water, too bad for a water castle. So it’s a bit sad.

There are a few shops within the grounds. We took the opportunity to watch the work of making traditional wayang kulit puppets, in chiseled leather, as well as batik. Patience work!


Taman Sari Water Castle, Yogyakarta, 20220818 1043 8976
Taman Sari (Water Castle), Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Jakub Hałun, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bird market

Imagine a huge outdoor pet store. There you are, you are at the Yogyakarta bird market (where not only birds are actually sold, but rabbits, cats, dogs, mice, reptiles, fish…).

Visit Yogyakarta surroundings

Borobudur and Prambanan temples

The famous temples of Borobudur and Prambanan, both listed as World Heritage by Unesco, are located near Yogyakarta. Take advantage of your stay to visit them, preferably at sunrise!

The temples of Borobudur and Prambanan are two sites located on the island of Java, Indonesia, and classified as World Heritage by Unesco. they are located near the city of Yogyakarta and are a must-see during a trip to Indonesia. Witnessing a sunrise over Borobudur Temple is truly a must!

Borobudur Temple

The temple is an imposing monument that sits in the middle of a large park. It has several floors, the first decorated with sculpted bas-reliefs then the last decorated with stupas housing statues of Buddhas. Really beautiful and impressive!

From up there, you can enjoy a magnificent view of a landscape of fields and mountains. The place would encourage serenity if there were not a crowd of tourists, whose attitude is sometimes not very correct. I don’t know how many times the guards have to remind visitors that no, they shouldn’t climb the stupas, even if it’s to take the selfie of the year. We are here in a sacred place for Buddhists!

Do not forget to visit the lower floors as well. Calmer, they are full of superb bas-reliefs. The level of detail is impressive: we understand well the 75 years necessary for the completion of the Borobudur temple!


Borobudur temple view from northwest plateau, Central Java, Indonesia. Gunawan Kartapranata, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sunrise over Borobudur temple

The next morning, we chose to go watch a sunrise over Borobudur. This has a price, since the temple normally opens only at 6am, which is too late to attend.

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Temple, another must-see temple near Yogyakarta. From the bus terminal, it takes 10 minutes to walk to the park where the temple is located. The park actually has many Hindu temples, the most impressive of which is Prambanan on the island of Java.

The monument is superb, imposing and fully sculpted. The different temples of the complex are very far apart, which allows the crowds to spread out: an advantage compared to Borobudur, where visitors all gather on the top floors of a single temple.


Candi Prambanan; candi Hindu terindah di Asia Tenggara
Prambanan Temple, which is located on the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta (Klaten-Sleman), is the most beautiful Hindu temple in Southeast Asia. Anggara Wikan Prasetya, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Prambanan is a very visited site by Indonesians, who do not always come from regions where tourism is very present.

It is possible to rent bicycles and tandems for IDR 40,000.

Sources: VillaCarissaSeminyak, PinterPandai

Apartment For Rent in Surabaya City Center Cozy and Bright – Trillium Residence 2BR

Have you booked your apartment in Surabaya center?

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The apartment has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, bed linen, towels, a flat-screen TV, a fully equipped kitchen, and a balcony with city views.

Visiting Surabaya | What to do in Surabaya

Visiting Surabaya

Visiting Surabaya: what are the best things to do and see in this ultra-dynamic and modern metropolis on the island of Java?

Let’s go to Indonesia! The Indonesian Archipelago is made up of several thousand islands, the largest of which is Java. It represents a dream destination and above all varied! Its heavenly beaches, its volcanoes, or its rice fields, Indonesia is considered a paradise on Earth. However, large interesting cities are to be discovered, like Surabaya!

Where is Surabaya?

Located on the island of Java, in the province of East Java, it is the second largest city in Indonesia after the capital Jakarta, with 3.5 million inhabitants. Surabaya is nicknamed “The City of Heroes” because of its important role in the country’s independence during the Indonesian National Revolution. In addition to being an industrial and modern city, Surbaya is the main seaport of Eastern Indonesia.

Visiting the metropolis assures you of discovering numerous religious sites, astonishing architecture, varied attractions and tasty cuisine. Let’s not forget to mention the incredible shopping sessions and the lively nightlife! Wondering what to do in Surabaya? It’s this way !

Do & See

Kenjeran Beach is a famous beach in Surabaya that must visited! This beach is nearby Suramadu Bridge and one of a favorite tourist destination in Surabaya. In here you can enjoy the sea panorama and also the beautiful sunsets. You can choose to enjoy the beach by walking on the sand or to take a boat tour.

Much of Surabaya’s heritage has been swept away by fast-paced modernisation, and the city was also heavily damaged in the aftermath of World War II during the struggle for independence, earning its title the “Hero City” of Indonesia. As a result, it has rather few major visitor attractions, but boasts a couple of distinct neighbourhoods, each with its own distinct flair, including the Arab Quarter and Chinatown. Surabaya is also home to Masjid Nasional Al Akbar, one of Southeast Asia’s most imposing modern mosques.


Montage of Surabaya Sura and Baya Statue, Suramadu bridge, Tunjungan Plaza (mall), Heroic Monument Surabaya (Tugu Pahlawan). Yogwi21, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The old Town

You cannot visit Surabaya without discovering the old town, located north of the city, which has kept its picturesque side. You will discover old colonial buildings, its Chinese and Arab quarter, the magnificent residence of the governor and many colorful temples and mosques.

Arab Quarter

One of the centerpieces in Surabaya’s eclectic mosaic of a cityscape, the Arab Quarter (also called Ampel) is a must-visit area of the city that much resembles the mazy old Arabic town centers. While here, take time to see the expansive, marble-floored Ampel Mosque.

Useful Information:
Address: 53 Jl Ampel Masjid, Surabaya

Tugu Pahlawan (Heroes’ Monument)

This landmark monument can be seen in the city centre. The Tugu Pahlawan is a typical piece of grandiose post-independence Indonesian public art and was erected in memory of the independence fighters who fell in the Battle of Surabaya in November 1945.

Useful Information:
Address: Taman Kebon Rojo, Surabaya

Kalimas Traditional Harbour

If you are looking for what to do in Surabaya, go in the early morning (before sunrise and therefore before all the hustle and bustle of the day), on the old port of Kalimas, to see the locals loading and unloading the boats. In the harbor you can also see old wooden boats, built six centuries ago.

For a strong whiff of the sea and a taste of what remains of old Surabaya visit the Kalimas Harbour, the city’s original port. This is where broad-beamed pinisi schooners unload produce along a 2 km stretch of quayside. The best time to visit is early in the morning when the boats are setting sail.

Useful Information:
Address: Kalimas Harbour, Surabaya

Monumen Kapal Selam (Submarine Monument)

On the bank of the Kalimas River (opposite of Trillium Apartment), the Indonesian Navy’s first submarine – the Soviet-built Whiskey class sub Pasopat – is now a national monument honouring heroes of the independence struggle and celebrating the country’s seafaring tradition. Built in Vladivostok, it was bought by Indonesia in 1962.

Useful Information:
Address: 39 Pemuda Street, Surabaya

Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument

One of the free tourist destinations in Surabaya, it can be used as tourism education as well. To enter, you need to make an agreement before visiting. Visitors can go up to the upper building directly below the iconic statue and visitors can enjoy the Suramadu bridge view. Unfortunately it’s located in restriction area of navy army, you can visit when it held Naval Base.

Suramada Bridge and Madura Islands

With its 5.5 km in length, the Suramada bridge, which has linked Java to the Madura Islands since 2009, is the longest in Indonesia. Modern, it is particularly pleasant to admire at sunset.

Taking a tour of Madura will make you disconnect a little from the big city of Surabaya. The greatest local tradition? The bullfights, an event not to be missed if you are looking for what to do in Surabaya!

House of Sampoerna (closed)

If you are going to visit Surabaya, then do not miss the visit to the Sampoerna house. Created in the 19th century, this magnificent complex of several buildings includes a cigarette factory and a museum on tobacco production. The Sampoerna house is built in the Dutch colonial style.

The museum’s most popular attraction is the operating production line of the famous local cigarette brand Dji Sam Soe (banned in a number of countries for excessive tar content). Come before 3pm on weekdays to see labourers at work; any day until 10 pm to see the tobacco/cigarette-related exhibits.

Useful Information:
Address: 6 Taman Sampoerna, Surabaya
Opening hours: Daily 9 am-10 pm
Phone: +62 31 3539000

Kong Co Kong Tik Cun Ong (Taoist Temple)

This Taoist Temple was built in the 18th Century, this Buddha temple is endowed with golden Buddhas and red candles that invite in both Taoist and Confucian followers.

The strong smell of incense can be traced from meters away, which is why the temple draws in a good crowd.

Masjid Cheng Hoo Mosque

Built in the 15th century, this unusual mosque is dedicated to Chinese Muslims. The specificity of this mosque lies in the combination of several styles.

This mixture of Middle Eastern architecture, local Javanese culture and its yellow, green and red colors, reminiscent of certain temples in China, make it a magnificent building. Do not miss to go to the observation platform located next door, which offers a magnificent view of the city.

Wonorejo Mangrove

Get out of the hustle and bustle of the city center and get some fresh air in this eco-tourist zone located to the east of the city. Boat trips along the mangrove are possible. If you prefer to walk, a short walk is possible before settling in a small shop for a lunch with local flavors. Ideal if you are looking for what to do in Surabaya. A great place that changes a little monuments and museums.

Al Akbar Mosque

For some, it is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. With its almost 100 meter high minaret offering a unique panoramic view of the city, and its 65 meter high blue dome, it is one of the city’s best-known tourist attractions. You can admire the elegance of its marble interior from the first floor accessible to the public, the ground floor being reserved for Muslims.

Ciputra Waterpark

Ideal if you are traveling with the family and wondering what to do in Surabaya, this is one of the largest water parks in Southeast Asia. You can enjoy 5 hectares of attractions, including swimming pools, slides and even a 5D cinema! It is inspired by the universe of the Persian tale “Simbad the sailor”.

Shopping malls

Like its big sister Jakarta, the city of Surabaya is full of shopping centers, each bigger than the next! If you are going to visit Surabaya, expect to discover excess, air conditioning, floors by the dozens, and shops by the hundreds…

High tech, fashion, accessories, crafts, traditional jewelry, antiques, perfumes… From the great designers to the small traditional shops…

If you looking for something, no doubts, you will find it here! To name a few, you will find the Supermall, which is actually 3 shopping malls side by side, Tunjunhan Plaza, the second largest in the city, the smaller, open-air Plaza Graha Famili, which includes a large playground for children or the Ciputra World or the Lenmarc.


Visiting Surabaya is also an opportunity to discover or rediscover Asian flavors. Their reputation is well established… so it seems obvious that in a big city like Surabaya, you can discover delicious Indonesian flavors. From the small street “warung” to the gastronomic restaurant of the city’s big hotels, passing by the “food court” of the shopping centers, there will be something for all tastes and all wallets!

Indonesian foods:

“Nasi goreng” (fried rice), “Sate Ayam” (chicken satay), “Sate Kambing” (lamb), “Gado gado” (vegetable salad with peanut sauce), “Bakso” (soup with meatball) , are typical dishes with captivating flavors that you will find difficult to forget!

And if you’ve been in Indonesia for a long time and you’re getting tired of the food (yes, it happens), the city is full of restaurants of all nationalities! You will inevitably find something to delight your taste buds!

Bromo and Ijen volcanoes (visiting around Surabaya)

Visiting Surabaya will also allow you to be well located to discover some of Java’s must-see tourist sites. From Surabaya, many tours are organized for a Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen combo. And honestly, both volcanoes are worth seeing! You can of course organize your trip yourself, taking care of your transport and your accommodation, but you may need to be patient. The tours offered are often more expensive, but the organization is necessarily much simpler!

Mount Bromo

Culminating at 2,200 meters above sea level and still active, Mount Bromo is one of the most famous volcanoes in Indonesia. Because of the dangerousness of the place, we prefer the ascent of Mount Penanjakan, to watch the sunrise over Bromo.

The “King Kong Hill” viewpoint is accessible on foot or by jeep. You can then go for a walk around the volcano and climb to the top of the crater.

Mount Ijen

Also called Kawa Ijen, its ascent is to be done in the middle of the night. Why ? You will witness the breathtaking spectacle of blue flames on the way. This phenomenon is due to the combustion of sulfuric gases in contact with air at temperatures exceeding 220°C.

Once you have reached the top of the volcano, after an ascent which remains accessible to everyone in terms of technique, you will patiently wait for the sunrise. The first rays of the sun will finally reveal the lake of a deep emerald color. The lake is located at the bottom of the crater. You will also be able to see the sulfur carriers on your way. They risk their lives every day in very difficult conditions.

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From Surabaya to Malang | Complete Guide to Visit this City and Surroundings

From Surabaya to Malang

Driving from Surabaya to Malang it takes 2 hours and 10 minutes and this is the fastes way.

Malang city, still ignored by many tourists, is full of lively little neighborhoods and amazing initiatives carried out by its inhabitants. These include the traditional Wayang performances and proximity to the famous 13th-century temples of the Singhasari Empire. It is also one of the access doors to the Bromo volcano. Malang offers many different tourist attractions.

Surabaya and Malang are two of the most popular cities in East Java, Indonesia. Both cities are well-known for their unique cultures, history, and tourist attractions. If you are planning to travel from Surabaya to Malang, there are several ways to reach your destination. In this article, we will explore the different transportation options and some of the best places to visit in Malang.

There are 3 ways to get from Surabaya to Malang by train, bus, taxi or car:

By Train

Average time: 2h 10mn
Train from Gubeng to Malang train station: by KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia)
Frequency: 1 per day

The ticket prices vary depending on the class you choose, with the executive class being the most expensive.

By Bus

Average time: 2h 45 mn
Bus from Surabaya to Malang: by Transuperindo
Frequency: 4 times a day
Estimated price: €11

The buses are a cheaper option compared to the train, but they are not as comfortable.

By Car

Average time: 1h 45mn

If you prefer to drive, you can rent a car or hire a taxi. The journey takes around 2 hours, but it can take longer depending on traffic. The advantage of driving is that you have more flexibility and can stop at different places along the way.

What to visit in Malang – East Java?

Here are some recommended places to visit in Malang:

The city of Malang

Visiting the city of Malang can be done quickly. There is also not much to see and the tour can be completed in half a day. During your wanderings, you will find traces of the colonial era. Nicknamed “the Paris of Indonesia”, it is the residence chosen because of its temperate climate by many European settlers.

Deeply multicultural, we find various inspirations during the walk. We advise you to take a detour to the Taoist Chinese temple to meditate a little (entrance is free) or to sit in the main square to observe the joyful bazaar that accompanies the call to prayer.

In the city center, you will also come across the bird and flower market (and other animals that have no place there) which is held all over the street.


Tugu Malang
Tugu Monument and Malang City Hall. Annisa Alwita from Malang, Indonesia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Balai Kota (TOWN HALL)

This Dutch administrative building overlooks a large park where magnificent mahogany trees grow. In the center of the park stands the monument to Independence, the Tugu.

Malang’s night market – pasar Besar

Is a happy mix of funfair and street-food stalls.

On Jl. Kyai Tamin, between Jl. Sutan Syahrir and Jl. Sersan Harun, daily until 10 p.m.

Eng An Kiong Three Teachings Temple

This Taoist Chinese temple is worth a visit. A ten-minute walk from the colorful districts of Biru Arema and Tridi, Kelenteng Eng An Kiong resounds with the prayers of the faithful, in a bewitching atmosphere of incense, red lanterns and dragon statues.
At the corner of Jl. Laksamana Martadinata and Jl. Zaenal Zakse


Eng An Kiong 8
Eng An Kiong temple in Malang. Christophe95, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jodipan, the colorful village of Malang

3rd largest city in Indonesia, its exponential growth has led to the construction of slums along the train tracks and the river. While some are still destitute habitats, others have been rehabilitated, like Jodipan.

Formerly a slum without any particular interest, the inhabitants decided to paint the houses, from the walls to the roof, in all colors. For less than €1, you can stroll through the alleys but above all… fly your drone by the river. The spectacle seen from the sky is absolutely incredible: an aerial rainbow of color.

Once again, the arrival of tourists greatly amuses the children. Most were very intrigued by our flying machine and came to look at our screen. Others come to you, introduce themselves, asking our name and what we do here. We can only melt in front of them!


Rainbow village in Malang 01
Rainbow village, Jodipan in Malang. Christophe95, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In conclusion, Surabaya to Malang is a relatively short journey, but it is full of exciting places to visit and things to do. Whether you choose to travel by train, bus, or car, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the unique culture and history of Malang.

Visit Malang surroundings

Singhasari Temple (Singosari temple)

Only 10 km (6.2 miles) from Malang, the Singosari Temple (In Indonesian Candi Singosari) is located in the village of Candirenggo, north of the town of Singosari. Singhasari Temple which was dedicated to the god Shiva. The temple is located in a valley between the Tengger massif and Mount Arjuno-Welirang, at an altitude of 512 meters (1679.79 feet).

According to the Nagarakertagama, a poem written in 1365 to the glory of King Hayam Wuruk of Majapahit, as well as an inscription dated 1351 and found in the temple grounds, it is dedicated to the last ruler of the kingdom of Singasari, Kertanegara, died in 1292 during the revolt of his vassal, Prince Jayakatwang of the kingdom of Kediri. It is believed that this sanctuary remained unfinished.

About 200 meters west of the temple, on either side of the road, there are two imposing dvarapala, statues of guardians which could indicate the entrance to a palace.


Candi Singosari B
Candi Singosari, Singosari, Malang. ESCapade, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Candi Jago

It is located in the village of Jago, 22 km (13.67 miles) east of Malang. Built for King Visnuvardhana around 1268, this temple, one of the most beautiful of its time in Java, features a multitude of Buddhist sculptures. Sumptuous bas-reliefs. To get there, from Arjosari de Malang station, take a mikrolet to Blimbing, then turn left to Tumpang and follow a small road to the temple.


Candi Jago C
Candi Jago, Tumpang, Malang, East Java. ESCapade, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Candi Badut

Located 3 km from Malang, to the west, it is perhaps the oldest temple in the region and undoubtedly one of the oldest in Java since it is dated to the year 760. It was unfortunately looted and its architecture remodeled in the 13th century.


034 View from South-East, Candi Badut (39706578274)
View from South-East, Candi Badut, Malang, East Java. Anandajoti Bhikkhu from Sadao, Thailand, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Candi Kidal

This temple being located on the road leading to Candi Jago, access is the same. Erected in 1260 for King Anushapati, it is probably the most beautiful temple of the Singosari dynasty. Admirably restored, it has lintels decorated with kala heads and, on three sides, representations of the Garuda bird, the mount (vehicle, or vahana) of Vishnu.


004 View from North, Candi Kidal (25544680377)
View from North, Candi Kidal, Malang, East Java. Anandajoti Bhikkhu from Sadao, Thailand, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Coban Jahe Waterfall

From the center of Malang, it takes about 50 minutes. Lush cascading waterfall featuring hiking & biking trails & a swimmable pool at the bottom.

In the vicinity of Malang, there are many waterfalls and viewpoints to visit. Among them, the Tumpak Sewu waterfall is surely the most famous. Only downside: it is located 2h30 by road from Malang. So, while doing our research, we came across the Coban Jahe waterfall and being much closer to the city. And when you don’t want to spend your time commuting or have a tight schedule, we think it’s a good compromise.

Well worth the effort – Good trail to the bottom and ojek waiting if you are in a hurry to go back – Ride a little disconcerting if youre not a bike rider, but these guys know how to ride.

Access to these natural attractions still needs to be improved, in order to facilitate tourists who will visit Coban Jahe. Here, we can find several waterfalls, Coban Jahe 1, 2 and 3. Coban Jahe 1 is the most complete facility, both a car park and food stalls. In Coban Jahe 2, there are floating photo spots and Cafe Indian. Coban Jahe 3 is the farthest, near Coban Tarsan.

Air Terjun Coban Jahe
Coban Jahe waterfall. Ahmadarisnur, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Batu Night Spectacular

Batu Night Spectacular is a theme park that comes alive at night. It features several rides, a waterfall, and a food court. It is an excellent place to spend an evening and enjoy the cool mountain air.

Bromo Volcano

Mount Bromo – One of the most popular tourist attractions in Malang is Mount Bromo, an active volcano. The volcano is located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, which is also home to other volcanoes and stunning landscapes.
Jatim Park – Jatim Park is an amusement park that features several attractions, including a zoo, water park, and science museum. It is an excellent place to visit with your family and friends.

Going to admire the sunrise on Mount Bromo was an activity that you may absolutely want to do during your trip to Indonesia. The Bromo volcano is located in the Tengger massif. The inhabitants of this region are Hindus.

With a departure at 12:30 a.m., several hours of driving in the back of a Jeep and a coffee at 4 a.m., you finally able to observe the sunrise over the Bromo volcano. The show is absolutely beautiful!

You can pay total of around €50 for this excursion. Even if you could surely have paid less by booking directly on site.

Mount Bromo at sunrise, showing its volcanoes and Mount Semeru (background)
Mount Bromo at sunrise, showing its volcanoes and Mount Semeru (background). The Tengger massif in Java, Indonesia, at sunrise, showing the volcanoes Mt. Bromo (large crater, smoking), Mt. Semeru (background, smoking), Mount Batok in the foreground, and Mount Widodaren-Mount Kursi behind Mount Bromo. The early morning fog surrounds the peaks, covering a plain of finest volcanic ashes. Thomas Hirsch (= user Ravn), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From Malang to Bromo

To access Bromo, you have to go to CemoroLawang, the village closest to the park. From Malang, Cemero Lawang is difficult to reach on your own. The best if you want to do everything by yourself and for the cheapest is to go through Probolinggo.

Nevertheless, if you have the opportunity to book directly through the local agency, then you can do it too.

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